Promedia Productions Until Proven Guilty (Court Series)
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Until Proven Guilty (Court Series)

Until Proven Guilty is the first documentary series in Bulgaria about criminal justice. 12 episodes are showing weekly on Nova TV, on Sunday nights. Petko Georgiev is the series producer and host.

The series is based on documentary reconstructions of lawsuits, as seen on channels like Viasat Explorer and Discovery, or court TV programs on ITV and the US networks.

Until Proven Guilty is different in that it not only focuses on committing and solving the crime, but also follows the ensuing lawsuit.

Until Proven Guilty is based on actual court cases. It tells compelling stories and looks at complex legal issues. Each episode is a contained story about a crime that put Bulgarian justice on trial.

The series shows the actual people involved: perpetrators, investigators, prosecutors and judges. There is limited use of documentary reenactment of key aspects of the crime, but no dramatization and staged action scenes.

The series production was funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. But the actual filming would’ve been impossible without the support and understanding of the institutions involved: the Bulgarian judiciary, prosecutor’s offices and police.