Promedia Productions Na Chisto (Clean Slate)
Български (България).

Na Chisto (Clean Slate)

A team of investigative journalists are looking for the hidden truth behind every unsolved crime and gather hard evidence about corruption and embezzlement. There’s no obstacle in their quest for justice.

Na Chisto is the Bulgarian equivalent of the world leader in investigative journalism, the US “60 minutes”. The program was supported by USAID and the Balkan Trust for Democracy.

The International Herald Tribune wrote on 25 January 2005: "Every month, the Bulgarian television program ''Na Chisto'' sends its reporters out to expose illicit business deals and scandals involving public figures. Hidden cameras are used to provide proof.”

In recognition of Na Chisto’s outstanding contribution to transparency, the program host Daniela Trencheva was honored as a Bulgarian of Merit in 2008.